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We provide concierge-level care with a membership-based direct primary care model.

Membership-based care allows a physician more time to provide more personalized services to a smaller panel of patients. These services include longer visits, prompt appointments and more direct access to the physician via cell phone for urgent problems that can’t wait until the next business day.

Dr. Dekle's approach involves coordinating care to help bridge the gaps that can occur in the current healthcare model in the United States. Patients can easily get lost in the current system, often not being given the information they need to make good decisions.


There can be gaps of care that occur when patients see multiple sub-specialists who do not communicate with each other. There can be gaps in care when a patient is seen in the ER or is hospitalized and taken care of by a team of hospital specialists who do not know the patient’s history. Dr. Dekle serves as a patient’s healthcare advocate and advisor in this complex and fragmented system of care.

Dr. Dekle, as part of her comprehensive approach to care, can help bridge these gaps through communication with patients and their other doctors. 


Dr. Dekle's Approach

Dr. Dekle limits her patient panel size to provide personalized care.

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